Chefs’ Workshop is open to everyone, who is passionate about organic products and nature’s bounty, regardless of where in the world you reside. Preference for residence is given to professional chefs and next – to everyone else connected in some manner to preparation of foods and drinks and to hospitality in general. Members of different fields can work at the workshop simultaneously.


The creative process of each guest will go on for one week.


Chefs’  Workshop supplies the base products, smokehouse, grill, kitchen inventory, and a sauna. We will show you the best bounty-picking places in the nature, lend you the fishing rod, baskets, bike and a rowing boat. You will also have a shelter provided along with a rather slow internet connection and a bunch of cookbooks.


The duties of guests:

> Keep everything one uses during one’s stay clean and organized (the space for work and leisure, the inventory etc.)

> Prepare a meal for the invited guests - up to 30 people – at the end of one’s creative week.


All concessions collected for the meal prepared for the guests remain at the disposal of the creative workshop to be used for reception of the next guests, for purchasing products etc.


If the guest is:

> using excessive amounts of alcohol,

> using any other intoxicating substances (including drugs)

> using the creative workshop for leisure rather than work,


Ēriks has the right to ask guests to leave the workshop at any time of the day. If it is found that the guest has intentionally damaged the inventory, it is their duty to cover the costs of repairing or replacing the said inventory.


The chefs don’t have to pay any fee for their creative week, which, however, doesn’t apply to the use of the mini-bar.



application process

 Applications  must be sent to, indicating one’s:

>  first and last name,

>  contact number,

>  social media account details,

>  city, country,

>  a short paragraph stating one’s motivation to participate,

>  preferred time of stay.

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