Rihards Vidzickis

Jēkabs is equally skilful in both carpentry and creating videos, and he intuitively works with online marketing too. Jēkabs Dimiters is a true carpenter of the 21st century. Four years ago he created the brand “John Neeman Tools”. The tools of this brand quickly gained global recognition, thanks to their high quality and the mysterious image of the team of carpenters, which was evoked by the photographs and short films made by Jēkabs. On January the 1st, 2017 the “John Neeman Tools” brand became the guild of craftsmen from Northern Europe called “Northmen”, uniting the best blacksmiths, wood craftsmen, carpenters, woodworkers, leatherworkers, jewellers and bow makers.

Jēkabs Dimiters

Rihards mostly works with green wood, which the “one-wood” (vienkoču) crockery is made out of. He combines woodworking with research into the history of woodcraft and the quest of finding  new technologies. For this purpose Rihards has created the Vienkoči Park and Woodcraft museum, which many of those interested in the craft visit to find out and learn from him. When processing the local resource – wood, ecological aspects of the creation are always considered here – both in their production and use. Vienkoči Park is a park for walks and leisure, located by the river Līgatne, and there is a number of themed trails which have many topical points of attraction and historical reference incorporated in them. There are not only models of historical manors and other buildings, but also wooden sculptures, ethograpic buildings, one-wood boats and tar kiln located in the highly varied areas of the park

Labanovsku family

Members of the Labanovski family have already been drinking birch sap for generations. Delicious and fresh, however, in order to keep the sap refreshing and valuable for long, new recipes have been created over many years. Waiving the traditional flavorings, the Labanovski family started adding peppermint to the sap, which made it refreshing, fresh for longer and highly aromatic and pleasant. 

The running of the birch sap itself starts in the spring - as soon as the earth has thawed and the sap has started circulating inside the birch trees. Within three weeks the sap which has been collected from ecologically certified birch trees is filled into bottles, after the natural flavorings have been added to it. And the result of this process is the sparkling birch sap - BIRZĪ! The sap sparkles and the flavorings don't overpower its' unique taste properties, rather give it a pleasant side note. In the summer season it is possible to visit the factory where the sap is produced and hear out the whole story from the Labanovski family, as well as sample their BIRZĪ sap and the exclusive birch sap syrup.

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