Experience local & seasonal flavours

12th to 14th of June

Our aim is to discover the unique regional tastes so we explore the nature and visit local farmers to find the most beautiful and brightest flavours from this season. Each week we write a new menu based on what wild food and farmers offer us and by the weekend we invite you to leave your usual city and come to Ligatne to experience the best what we can create from the season here. 

We serve 4 course lunch on Saturdays and Sundays and 6 course dinner on Fridays and Saturdays. Reservation in advance is a must. 


June 12 / Friday

19:00 dinner

June 13 / Saturday

13:00 & 16:00 lunch

19:00 dinner

June 14 / Sunday

13:00 & 17:00 lunch

4 course lunch menu  / 39€

6 course dinner menu / 59€

Drinks for additional fee on the spot

Reservations by email info@dabasgarsa.lv or by phone +371 27331222 

If you want to make a reservation for the future dates, please contact us by email.

Chefs workshop is surrounded by old forests, sandstone cliffs, a rapid river Ligatne and nature observers garden. If you will have the patience and sight, you will see scenes, which we usually miss in everyday life. We encourage you to come earlier or stay after and spend some time in Ligatne and aroung. Check some ideas on acitivites in Ligatne www.visitligatne.lv 

Outdoor lunch & dinner experience

30th & 31th of May

We love being in the nature and we believe food outdoors tastes even better. So we decided to serve lunch this weekend in our Nature observers garden by Chefs workshop. On the menu you will find a selection of our best dishes from slow food farmer produces and wild food in this season.


We serve lunch on Saturday (May 30) and Sunday (May 31) three times in a day on 12:00 / 13:30 / 15:00.

/ Ramen from local farmers goods vegan with tofu and mushroms or with our smoked chicken 6€
/ Leek bread sandwich with Straupe curd, radish and salted cucumber 2.5 €
/ Sourdough sadiwch with our smoked duck and pine cone jam 3.5 €
/ Local wild and garden greens with Rehtšprehera cheese and birsh sap viniagrette  3.5€

/ Smoked pork belly with grilled Lejaslīves asparagus 9€
/ Local strawberry soup with our ice cream and baked white chocolate 4€

On Saturday evening (May 30) we invite you to experience pure, fair grown and wild food from this season in Latvia during our 6 course dinner. We are going to meet in the garden for a drink and some bite of seasonal flavours after that you will enjoy evening and food inside of Chefs workshop. Participation 49€ per person (drinks are not included).

Reservation in advance is a must. Please contact us by 27331222 or info@dabasgarsa.lv.

Can't wait to meet you,

Ēriks & the team of Chefs workshop 

Slow food dinner

6th of october 2019 / 17:00

Good food good farming European days of action

Three chefs Māris Jansons / restorāns Kest/, Renars Purmalis /Gatavo dabā/ un Ēriks Dreibants /Chefs creative house/, will create menu from slow food farmers products. 

Price 49eur 
Drinks for additional price on the spot

More about European days of action www.goodfoodgoodfarming.eu

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