>  We are using ever more natural foods, unaffected by human intervention or industrialization. 


> When using nature’s bounties, we observe all the restrictions and give proper consideration to the quantities needed in order to preserve biodiversity.


> We very carefully choose the products, whose certificates clearly show their origin that is in line with the responsible farming and fishing regulations.


> In the cooking process, we strive to use every single part of the product.


> Supported by wildlife experts, we continue exploring and discovering the unique tastes of the natural foods characteristic only to our region, which makes our food ever more contemporary.


> We share our thoughts in the work we do so that our children can live in a better world than we do! 

Chefs workshop is a place, where good food and adventures are born. Latvian Chef Ēriks Dreibants created the concept in a small village in the middle of Gauja National park - Līgatne, in a small, century old birth hospital called Wilhelma.


We are creating this place where to come together and discover the unique regional tastes and give birth to meaningful ideas. Pavāru Māja beliefs are rooted in pure, fair grown and wild food. We support the philosophy of slow food as well as we highlight the work of local farmers and producers. 


The house is surrounded by old forests, sandstone cliffs, a rapid river and also nature observers garden. If you will have the patience and sight, you will see scenes, which we usually miss in everyday life.


Our belief is - the more we are connected to the nature, the closer we are to our inner selves.

Ēriks Dreibants

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